Frustration !!!!!

I spent the day illustrating today, sometimes it takes a while for the the ink to dry so instead of just waiting, I whip over to the machine and do a bit of quilting…

In the middle of this the family arrive and somehow, during that time I mislaid my $30 paint brush….. one minute it was in my hand, then I must have put it down somewhere while I was talking…..I’ve hunted everywhere for it.

It’s so fragile, it’s a beautiful No 1. sable brush…. I was really ……….X

So I continued drawing and messed up a stem of a plant about 4 hours into the project.
There was only one thing for it……I ate a lamington that Callie bought at the kindy fundraising sale and went outside and  read my book in the sun for 30 minutes….Color_swatch

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