Journals are not just for illustration.

A journal doesn’t have to be made up of illustrations. This photos shows  some of my old ones.
I used the Australian Womens Diary for about 4 years….!!!! I do admit to having moved on a little.
They list the day to day things that occurred and of course when the bambinos were at home, their activities played a big part in my journaling….
I would have loved a computer to Journal, how much easier it is than physically sitting down and writing.
However, the fact that I did sit and write most days helped me to get things in perspective. I have sketches of garments I was designing, and a few illustrations and other scribbles.

I’ve seen wonderful journals of fabric. Many quilters in the 1800’s added the fabric they had in their possession into a journal. They are valuable resources now for dating fabric.

I have a treasure… a wooden covered journal of cooking given to me by an Elderly Aunt. She began writing in 1940.

In the late 1800’s my Uncle Joshua Higgs, wrote a journal about traveling Tasmania in a horse drawn caravan with his  friends who were artists. It’ a wonderful insight into his creative spirit.