It’s getting there…..

I went to the stash, pulled the fabrics that blended with the colors in the picture… disguarded some to avoid confusion…

To make the pattern, you need to reverse the tracing paper.Put your name at the top, when it’s backwards you know you have the pattern the right way to make the fusible web pattern.

I traced each individual leaf on to fusible web. I use a mechanical pencil. I needed to add a little seam allowance to the leaves that are sitting behind and have another leaf over the top of them.

I cut out the leaves and ironed the glue side to the back of the fabric. Then I could cut on the pencil pattern line. You need to cut accurately because this is raw edge appliqué and you will notice if your cutting is jagged.

I take the pieces to the ironing board. Put the tracing paper pattern over my background piece and after taking the paper off the back of the appliqué piece I slip it into place and check the correct placement with the tracing over the top…then it can be ironed down…

That’s the stage you see it at now… I am now auditioning border fabrics…

What do you think? I love the check…..!!!!!