Month: April 2008

No More time.

Packing to go on the road gives me a great deal of stress.  I’ve tried lists and things, but every gig is different. So I just have to wear it if I forget something. There are so many things to think of. Then at the last minute, contracts and business things came in today that need to be attended to…, the portrait has to wait till I return.   I’m going to Darwin via the Alice tomorrow,  – Brisbane via cairns, and then to Barcaldine via Blackall,  – Longreach to Brisbane and then  Melbourne, and  Adelaide. 14 days in all. I have no doubt that there will be adventures along the way. So to commemorate my trip I’m going to share a special quilt with you.The Dunny Quilt…. or it is also known as The Skip to my Loo quilt. I made this quilt with a group of friends. It was great fun to make…it was a special time for all of us….We had a few workshops in the shed and it all came together …

Preparing to travel.

Preparation for travel has taken me away from the portrait, but I’ll get some more done tomorrow….It’s been  a hectic week. I’m looking forward to warm weather… the heaters are going full bore here in the hills…. Don’t think I need the woolies in Darwin. Then again it’s snowing in Long Prairie Minnesota, so I hope that disappears in the next month or so…!!!  I’m not too good in thw snow and ice.

New collage.

This is a new collage…. I have assembled the top. It’s a sample to be quilted in class.The borders are fused on… and it will be quilted and appliquéd at the same time. I will fine black cotton and "illustrate" with thread as it is being quilted… by that I mean I will draw with thread on the edge of each appliqué piece.

portrait No 13

I still have a lot of work to do on her shawl, but most of the fabric is down now. As you can see, there is very little of the original fabric  showing through the other pieces, but is served as a wonderful background.A necklace will dived the neck and the shawl and once illustrated with pen and thread I think it will come up quite well. I really love the color of the shawl on the turquoise and the strong vertical lines in the background complement the softness of her face and garments. The border lillies will come into the background of the portrait I think….!

Portrait No 12.

As I work on the quilt I become immersed in the spirit of the subject.  –  Frida Khalo. Having just visited her home and been privy to her sketch books, the wonderful design of her house and the colors that gave passion to her interesting life. I don’t think I can leave the portrait as a stand alone piece of art. Thee photos were taken at her house. Diego Rivera, her husband (twice over) painted her with lilies and I think I will use the images and colours of the flowers and leaves in the photos as a rather large border around the quilt.

Portraits No 11.

I’m using the two fabrics I showed you in previous posts and creating the shading on the shawl.. There are 20 different pieces on the this, the top part of the shawl so far. Once I get the dark shading in place it will gain more definition.

Collage No 10.

Once I began working on the shawl, I wasn’t happy with the fabric  I showed you in the last post. Part of working on a quilt is Auditioning. Yes, it gets a little frustrating at times, but it is part of the process. I had some Cherrywood fabric in my stash ….(actually I have a LOT of Cherrywood fabric) It wasn’t quite the correct color, so I added some ink to shade it to the tone I wanted… I mentioned in a previous post that you can purchase the pigment ink in pots.I wet the fabric and graduated a burgundy shade onto the fabric and in between the rain, I hung it on the line to dry. Voila, I have the exact shade I needed.So I am using the fabric I showed you in Portraits No 9 and the Cherrywood fabric in combination. I will mention again that I like to use fabric that is the same tone, and I prefer fabric that is dyed right through the fabric. That means that the back is …

Gees Louise !!!

Do you ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go the way you planned…? I have a little cyber post it note on my screen that informs me just what has to be completed in the next couple of days. I actually was able to strike one thing off the list…I had to make a few US plane bookings… I don’t know……. I was out here at 6.00 am to do some quilting only to find that the machine is having a hissy fit !!! I already knew my printer needs help and I can’t finish my video editing until I do some voice over and I have a croaky voice…. and the fabric for my portrait isn’t as good as I thought…EEk So I’ll send some papers out, do some pattern drawing and organize the shopping list for the market tomorrow….XXXXXXXX