On and off the road.

It seems as if I’ve been out of the loop for ages…..
Once agPams_feetain I had no internet connection this weekend despite my arrangements to stay at a hotel with Wi Fi…
It was rather frustrating… to say the least.

I drove home from Mildura this morning leaving at 6.00 as the sun was rising.
The air was crisp and clean and with the sunrise behind me I was privy to an ever changing sky, Pink, purple, grey, orange.

Suddenly the sun burst forth on the trees setting them alight with a terracotta glow…. It was spectacular.

Such a contrast to my trip just 3 days prior where I had to battle high winds, heavy rain and choking red dust storms…

The beauty made it hard to concentrate on the road but the sad signs of road kill reminded me that this was roo time and concentration took priority over scenery.

I stopped to purchase a bag of butternuts…. locally grown tomatoes and a piping hot pasty to accompany my coffee…

I listened to Alex Andersons last 3 Podcasts on my ipod and the trip went quite fast.

So here I am at home, with the car washed and no signs of travel remain. I have  a schedule as long as my arm to attend to. My head is telling me to sleep, but unfortunately cooking tea is a priority at the moment….

I think a good book in a quiet studio will be the go this afternoon after all is done.

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