Portraits No 2.


One of the most difficult aspects of creating a portrait in fabric is to find the correct skin color.

I often use a variety of Batik fabrics, but recently I have been using a Hoffman fabric by Mckenna Ryan. The fabric is graduated and I can get double the use out of it because I use both the front and back giving me a range of about 20 varying shades.

I like the fact that the tones of the fabric are the same and as you can see in the picture above it gives a fluid look to the graduations.

This fabric is called "At home in the Woods" and the color is "Mahogany"

The color I used for the base of the face and neck is from the very top of the fabric piece.

I have adhered the first few pieces of the appliqué to an "Appliqué Mat"

Made from Teflon,  you iron the appliqué  pieces directly onto the mat/sheet. The pieces adhere to each other and not the mat leaving the glue residue on the reverse side of the appliqué.