Quilters and a Quiche.

It’s the evening of a full day…

It was a maintenance morning and I took off at 8.00 am in the chill of the hills air to have my nails done.

9.00 I visited the local bakery to purchase a quiche for fellow quilters who were coming to work on a project in the studio for the day.

With Quiche in hand I walked over the to art gallery behind the cafe corner and a man with an American accent inquired about the quiche… "Are they good"? he said.
"I don’t know, I’ve never purchased one before"
I noted the accent and inquired where they came from in the USA.
A little indignantly he said we come from Calgary in Canada.
We enjoyed a short conversation where I found out that he, Bud was an Artist, wife Mary, a quilt Teacher…..!!!!!!
"Do you have any quilt shops up here" she asked expectantly….

I had to tell her the nearest one was 12 kms away and as they didn’t have transport it was impossible to get to.

It seems their friend had dropped them off to spend the morning in our area of the Adelaide Hills… He was picking them up at 12.00.

"OK, would you like to visit my studio"? I asked.

They both jumped at the offer and we took off for home.

We visited  for an hour or so and then a little when my friends arrived… we shared conversation and quilts and talked about the honorable virtues of the Aussie pie before they were delivered back to the cafe to wait for their friend.

So there you are… you never know, visit the bakery and you too could bring home quilters
as well as a Quiche.


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  1. Chris John says:

    That, Pam is just another example of your generosity to share your knowledge and talent with others. I really enjoyed my weekend with you in Mildura and took so much new learning away with me. It really invigorated me for the week ahead.
    I have found this spirit of giving is alive and well amongst the quilting fraternity.

  2. pam says:

    Thanks Chris…I appreciate your comments.

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