Portraits No 5.

I thought I should talk a little about the fabric I use.

  • I don’t wash the fabric prior to use. I need the sizing in the fabric to prevent the fabric from unraveling.
  • My portraits are raw edge appliqué and in my humble opinion there is nothing worse than a "fluffy" portrait.
  • I use really sharp scissors…
  • My favorite scissors are DOVO 5" stainless steel from Germany, they are quite expensive, but well worth the cost for the result I get.
  • G130a

  • The correct fusible web is paramount. For years I have used vliesofix, a product we purchase in Australia, however, They have changed the composition of the product and I find it less than satisfactory at the moment.
  • For this project I am using "Lite, one sided steam a seam"
  • As it states it is lite…..
  • I find I can position it on the project without ironing it down. That means I can audition the appliqué piece easily. For instance I have constructed her nose 3 times…. and I can do it easier with steam a seam.
  • However, there is a downfall to the product…. I find there is a degree of glue residue on the needle when I sew the appliqué down…. I’ve never had that with Vliesofix… so I have to weigh up the pro’s and cons.