Portraits No 8.

Dsc03163I’m now preparing to create the garments in the portrait.  If I was making them in order, I would need to create her skirt first, because that is underneath the other garments….then her shirt and arms and finally the shawl and beads.

However, like the face, I will work on this part of the quilt on the appliqué mat and just leave it there until I am ready to use it.
I didn’t want to use a flat fabric. I need movement, so even though this fabric has leaves printed on it… most of it will be obscured by the "detail shading" fabrics and give me some depth.Dsc03164

What do I mean by "Detail Shading" well take a look at the picture above… each piece of the shading is highlighted to crate an appliqué piece.

There are about 5 different shades in the shawl…. I’m not  making it too difficult, but just adding enough to gain interest and catch the eye.