Gees Louise !!!

Do you ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go the way you planned…?

I have a little cyber post it note on my screen that informs me just what has to be completed in the next couple of days.Dsc03173_2

I actually was able to strike one thing off the list…
I had to make a few US plane bookings…

I don’t know……. I was out here at 6.00 am to do some quilting only to find that the machine is having a hissy fit !!!

I already knew my printer needs help and I can’t finish my video editing until I do some voice over and I have a croaky voice…. and the fabric for my portrait isn’t as good as I thought…EEk

So I’ll send some papers out, do some pattern drawing and organize the shopping list for the market tomorrow….XXXXXXXX

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