Collage No 10.

Once I began working on the shawl, I wasn’t happy with the fabric  I showed you in the last post.

Part of working on a quilt is Auditioning.

Yes, it gets a little frustrating at times, but it is part of the process.

I had some Cherrywood fabric in my stash ….(actually I have a LOT of Cherrywood fabric) It wasn’t quite the correct color, so I added some ink to shade it to the tone I wanted…

I mentioned in a previous post that you can purchase the pigment ink in pots.
I wet the fabric and graduated a burgundy shade onto the fabric and in between the rain, I hung it on the line to dry.

Voila, I have the exact shade I needed.
So I am using the fabric I showed you in Portraits No 9 and the Cherrywood fabric in combination.

I will mention again that I like to use fabric that is the same tone, and I prefer fabric that is dyed right through the fabric. That means that the back is a similar color to the front. Sometimes the fabric is almost white on the back and when you use if for raw edge applique it can often have a "halo" around the edge.