No More time.

Packing to go on the road gives me a great deal of stress. 


I’ve tried lists and things, but every gig is different. So I just have to wear it if I forget something.

There are so many things to think of.

Then at the last minute, contracts and business things came in today
that need to be

attended to…, the portrait has to wait till I return.



I’m going to Darwin via the Alice tomorrow,  – Brisbane via cairns, and then to Barcaldine via Blackall,  – Longreach to Brisbane and then  Melbourne, and  Adelaide. 14 days in all.

I have no doubt that there will be adventures along the way.

So to commemorate my trip I’m going to share a special quilt with you.
The Dunny Quilt…. or it is also known as The Skip to my Loo quilt.


I made this quilt with a group of friends. It was great fun to make…it was a special time for all of us….We had a few workshops in the shed and it all came together eventually.

The fabric on the top and down the side is to represent Loo paper….it has sayings that we cleverly use when we wish to go to the private room.


It has little plastic ants and flies stitched onto it… I found them in the US, I actually purchased them to put  in the grandkids jelly…..!!! Of course it has a red back spider and the poem, it also has plastic street signs and it was beautifully  quilted by Vera Lloyd.

It toured the US, was shown in Houston and was a huge hit….. however, I don’t really know where it is now or what it’s fate is….Dunny


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  1. helen says:

    I loved this quilt when it was featured in Australian Patchwork and Quilting. Such a fun quilt. What a shame you don’t know where it is. Someone must know. I hope you find out.

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