Month: May 2008

Portrait No 17.

I was becoming wrapped up in the project and I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t explained how I made her arms. To work on them more accurately I made a separate drawing. I do that a lot, with the Bayeux, I have thousands of small separate drawings specific for parts of appliqué. You can see in this picture that one arm is ironed onto an appliqué (Teflon mat) and I’m placing the appliqué pieces (Shading) on the arm. I use my drawing on the tracing paper to position the pieces accurately. The hard part about creating a quilt in this genre is that it doesn’t look anything until it is almost completed…. who would think the picture below would turn into an arm?. No. I’ve not finished the quilt, there is probably another 8 hours or so of work on the necklace, arms and the dress….. I just assembled it to take it traveling. I hope to work on it as I travel…but I think it gives you some idea of how the shading works …

It’s quarter to ten and I’m leaving at 4.00 am in the morning, but I wanted to get Frida down on the background.There is a lot more to do, but it is OK to travel.

Just plain quilting

Sometimes in this job there is a degree of self doubt. Over recent trips I’ve felt a greater sense of responsibility to push the barrier just that little bit  higher because so much is expected and anticipated of me. Discussion with friends and peers on the subject has made me realize that I have the privilege of seeing other people get as much out of being a quilter and creating as I do. What a gem of a job.!!! "Why the palm tree" you ask? It was drawn as I lent on the kitchen bench having coffee and peanut butter toast for breakfast with my host Judy in Darwin… Those are the special things I treasure most  – and the sketch book is almost full.!!!!

I’m not tardy, just busy.

The weekend was full of excitement for a newly crowned two year old princess. As for the rest of the family, it was a great excuse for a get together.Grown up Aunts and Uncles wore little party hats, and  ate fairy cakes iced in bright blue and pink. It was a wonderful day.I admit to retiring to the shed for a little "quiet". It always seems to be the gathering place, and I was soon joined by the younger set, who decided it was time to accept my offer of a "Day in the ‘shed". I’ve left them pondering their projects. I have a huge list of "To Do’s" in the next few days before the trip over the pond. However, the portrait is on top of the list to complete today.

Fabric Designs.

I’ve been playing with fabric design and video  today…..and I spent the day yesterday on the collaborative project. To say that we are excited at what we are doing is an understatement…We’re pushing the boundaries….. and ourselves. I’ll tell you more about the video later…

Portrait No 16

Now I’m working on the arms. I will work on  each one separately then put them into position on the quilt. The bottom arm looks a little strange but there is extra shading to go on before you see the final product. I’ve used the same fabric as I used on the base of the face. Mckenna Ryan fabric. I have already added about 5 different shades to the top arm but it’s not ready to show you yet. This is a long process, and I only work on it between 6.00 and 7.00 am in the morning…. (that’s all the time I have to allocate) As you can see. the edges are crisp and smooth, no white halo like I had on the purple…. it’s all in the fabric creation.

Alphonso, Jessy and Judy.

I’ve been pushing it a little too much over the past week and my body told me so today so I took it a little easier this afternoon. (even to having a sleep on the couch)I have 10 white doves that are free….One day a young pigeon called Alfredo flew in and joined the group. Now Alfredo has sired an Alphonso…. see, he’s mixed race…..Alphonso and his sisters Jessy and Judy (my birdagers) stick together and get into a bit of mischief… I found them in the swimming pool a while ago and they even fly into the neighbors territory sometimes…. BUT today they were in the shed when I came out after lunch. I left the door open and they decided to visit…. they were very interested in the computer screen.

It’s raining.

It’s still raining.Living in the Driest State in the Driest Country in the world it’s lovely to see the rain. However, I do prefer the weather warm and sunny and I’m already over the grey day, the damp and the heaters on.A grey day does nothing for my creative spirit. Then again it could be that I cracked my little toe about two weeks ago. The bruising had disappeared…. bang I did it again last night….***********!

Portraits No 15.

I’ve completed the assembly of the her dress.There is a little illustration at this stage, however, I will do more at a later date.On the right hand side I have been able to blend the fabrics with a brown pen. As I mentioned yesterday I added a little more to the shawl. Of course I had to complete the dress first, the arms sit over the dress and then the blouse sits over the arms.