A visit with Albert

I had a dalliance with Albert this afternoon. He’s handsome, he’s bright, he’s got a wonderful set of teeth, a huge smile and a sparkle in his eye  and he’s 50 years old.

He’s a 14 foot crocodile, the pet in the backyard of my hosts neighbor.

He even discards his teeth and I have one as a trophy for grandson Kodi.

Judy and I then went on down to the market and  joined the throng of sightseers. The heat intensified the fragrance of tropical fruit and food from all parts of the world. 

Judy ushered me towards the entrance to the beach, as we crossed over a small rise, I was amazed to see hundreds of people on the beach waiting for the impending sun set.

I have never seen so many people on a beach before…..!!!!

It was amazing.

Class has been great, I’ve met the nicest people, and I’ll show you the results of class tomorrow….



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