Traveling again.

I had a 4.30 am start this morning. Even so as I waited outside for the limo, I marveled at the fabulous weather. It was warm (around 20 deg centigrade) the stars were brilliant and I enjoyed the chorus of waking birds.
I could live in this climate.

Yesterday I went to the Tiwi Islands. We had a 2 1/2 hour trip by catamaran out to Bathurst island. The sky was bright blue and reflected in the sea.

I sat out on deck with my sketch book and my trusty Ipod. I listened to  classical music for most of the way and I thought I was in heaven.

A ferry meets the boat and shuttles you to land. dozens of people in bright clothing weDsc09769re sitting under a large sprawling tree, greeting all who disembarked.

Rich in Aboriginal culture, the Tiwi Islanders remain connected to their traditional lifestyle.

Influenced by Polynesia, culture here is different to that on the mainland. Art is an everyday part of life, including bark painting, sculpture,
pandanus weaving and fabric printing.

We visited the museum and other cultural sites, but I was more interested in the art and fabric dying. It appears that most of the buildings are decorated and I had a field day with the camera.
Paintings are done with natural pigments, red, yellow and white ochre, jDsc09839_2ust delicious.





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