Portrait No 17.

I was becoming wrapped up in the project and I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t explained how I made her arms.

To work on them more accurately I made a separate drawing. I do that a lot, with the Bayeux, I have thousands of small separate drawings specific for parts of appliqué.

You can see in this picture that one arm is ironed onto an appliqué (Teflon mat) and I’m placing the appliqué pieces (Shading) on the arm. I use my drawing on the tracing paper to position the pieces accurately.

The hard part about creating a quilt in this genre is that it doesn’t look anything until it is almost completed…. who wouldDsc03284
think the picture below would turn into an arm?.

No. I’ve not finished the quilt, there is probably another 8 hours or so of work on the necklace, arms and the dress….. I just assembled it to take it traveling.

I hope to work on it as I travel…but I think it gives you some idea of how the shading works on the arms….