Quilt shop review.

I still have a problem with the internet at the hotel…. it’s a little frustrating.
I have a lot of work to complete, but maybe it’s supposed to be an enforced rest.!!
I was able to wash my coke soaked pants and get them dry before we left Pasco for Pomeroy
The day was one of those “feel good” days, sun to warm you, green velvet hills set against a bright blue sky “pillow” clouds.
Our lunch stop was in the historic town of Dayton I’m sorry, we just don’t have cafe’s like this at home.
I think it might have been an old warehouse in earlier days. There are remnants of industrialization in the 30 ft ceilings. The vintage counters were lit warmly and  contained an array of edibles that are just not allowed…
I opted for a meatloaf sandwich…. it was just delicious, but half would have been sufficient.

Next stop was the local quilt shop, Hawthorne Gallery owned by Patti Eaton.   It’s set in a small house at the back of another house, there is even a little white church set in the gardens. There was a great deal of hilarity from

the ladies who were attending the quilting class. They had taken time off to sit in the garden and the  sun, and play dominoes. The shop itself is a small 2 story house with rambling rooms stacked full of quilt treasures. I managed to find fabric that I really needed and then I spent time photographing the garden. At the moment, the Peonies are in bloom and are just spectacular.


On to Pomeroy which is about 2 hours drive from our take off point of Pasco. It’s a small rural town set amongst green rolling hills.
The quilts store (Rather Be’s) sits above a small retreat centre and some of the ladies were already there with their machines set up.
There are just 12 of us… and we have 3 days in which to share quilting and life experiences…
We’ve laughed, been serious and many of the ladies are working well into the night to complete their projects.Dsc03313


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