Dsc00115New Shoes… and of course they have to be red with gold stitching….
New experiences,  – In cahoots with friend JoBeth we acted as shoe salespeople in the shop !!!!! A quilt teacher and an insurance person, we did a good job selling shoes really.

New ideas from an inspiration today.

New program completed today.

Now this little pair belonged to a friend who worked in the shoe shop…. they didn’t have any more like them, so I bought hers and she will get new ones…

It’s 10.30 pm and another day is over. Giving a presentation isn’t just
standing in front of an audience. You have to be able to read them and
give a good performance…. I’m always high on adrenaline after such an
event, it takes ages to wind down, but I have a busy class tomorrow, so I need to "get it together girl"
It’s also a huge responsibility.

One more day of classes and I fly out to Minnesota.

I visited a couple of quilt shops today and I’m returning tomorrow, so I will do a review.

The photo below is the girls with the project… I’ll be back in two year to check on their progress.

This is a quilt I designed and made many years ago…. It’s called Folk Art Rose of Sharon.Dsc00108

There is another village panel at the bottom of the quilt.

In this class we looked at satin stitch appliqué.

Drapplique, and a little foundation piecing.

Everyone completed the centre panel, they did samples of quilting with the feed dogs up and made an applique and drapplique house.

Everyone went home with a guideline for fabric placement. It’s a large quilt and will take a while to work through….

This is the little kitten that was adopted….. sooo cute.

Well done everyone.

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  1. Listen Emelda, that stack of shoes is becoming like a quilters fabric stack! Do you need treatment?

  2. Pam says:

    Emelda Who ?

  3. Smarty-pants. It may take me some time to think of a good retort, but I will!

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