Classes are over for a few days.

Classes are over.
Farewells said and a small portion of our lives has been touched once again through the friendship of quilting.
If you’ve followed my blog over the past 5 weeks or so, I’ve shared my experiences with quilters from Canberra, to Mildura, Darwin, Barcaldine in Australia to Pasco, Washington in the USA. Shed_2

I have no idea how many people I’ve had the opportunity to teach/meet, I can’t even fathom how many miles I’ve traveled, but it’s a pretty sobering experience for a gal who works in a shed.

This evening we went to the Ice Harbor Brewery Bar….hey make their own beer and pretty darn good root beer.

Established some time ago in an old warehouse the bar/restaurant has the trappings and featured decoration of a working warehouse. I believe they have live music there some evenings. It was generously patronized by the local folk, some perched at the bar, some at tables watching a game of ice hockey on a gigantic screen. It was great to meet the husbands behind the students…. whoops and it seems some of my "accounts" have been relayed to spouses.

So tonight I had to recount the story of how 2 of my friends and I ended up marching in the veterans day parade in Washington DC. Maybe I should write these stories down and share them with y’all.

I’ve spent the evening on the net, talking to students and preparing a paper… It’s time to retire and watch nonsense on the TV.


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