Up, Up and away.

I’m sitting in the airport in Pasco Washington. There is free Wi Fi. I must say everyone is very generous with wi fi here ….. first the soggy bottom cafe, the hotel and now the airport.

So it’s quiet, and most people are engrossed working on their computers… I love seeing the way people travel. There is a lady opposite me… she has one of those "I’ll tell you I’m a traveler" bags around her neck… I instantly know her nationality, and that she has a boarding pass….!!!! and a picgture ID……I keep mine stashed honey’s

The smell of fresh coffee is enticing, but I will wait till I get to Seattle and lunch – then I’m off to Minneapolis. I should get there around 8.30 tonight.

I have an article to write and a book to study, so that will keep me busy for the day today.

I said that I would tell you about the two Quilt stores I visited...Janean’s Bernina and there is another quilt shop right next door, but I can’t remember the name. Sorry.

We had our class in Janean’s store. She has an amazing array of embroidered articles, quilting tools, Berninas and patterns. Many of the ladies in class were Janean’s protege’s
and the class had a nice feeling.

The store next door had a great range of fabrics, superior thread and some interesting patterns. Both worthy of a visit.



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