Airport people watching.

There’s a lady in a sweater with 25 sunflowers on the front. I wonder if she realizes I’m counting her flowers…I suppose she has the same amount on the back. I imagine she’s a sunny person sporting 50 sun flowers….!!!! Maybe she’s a quilter.

I suddenly jumped in excitement, I noticed the tail of a plane go past the end window, it was green with a kangaroo on it….I followed it with my eyes….it rounded the corner and it took me a while to realize it was the head and chest of a rabbit…. dang, I got excited for a while.

There’s a middle age soldier in his army uniform. I’m touched that several people come and shake his hand and quietly say "thank you".
I imagine he is anxious to get home. There must be an excited family somewhere out there.

A pilot probably traveling from one job to another. I wonder if he scrutinizes the  actions of the pilot in control. I imagine he listens to the sound of the engines.

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