Long Prairie

I arrived in my US home town of Long Prairie last night. It was a funny trip out in the shuttle.
It’s a 3 hour ride and there were only 5 women on the bus.
I was working on my presentation for today and it caused a little interest. So the computer got handed around as each row of seats watched it right through…. rather funny I thought, but lovely that they were interested…
it was rather a quick turn around as I had to be up and out at 7.45 to teach a class today.
Little falls is just 25 miles from Long prairie, so I saddled up the big white Buick and off I went.
I’ve been visiting the Little Falls Quilt group for years now, and it’s great to catch up with everyone each year. They have taken an interest in my career for years now and  it’s flattering that they are still interested. The have the best pot luck dinners in the state of MN.

I drove home in the sun. The grass is brilliant green, the temperature in the 80’s and I had country music on just a little louder than I should….the big white buick purred and I really wished I could have put a video camera on the dash so I could share the scenery and the music.
Joan and I had dinner with Dorothy. She kept us entertained and informed  about her latest studies… Mozart and the difference between Islam and Christianity.
She’s just got a new computer and added wi fi. Dorothy is 93 and 1/3 years old.
I’m looking forward to spending some time with her when I get back from France. She has agreed to be interviewed for my Oral History paper at Uni.

I was able to go through my papers tonight. 10 books arrived for study and a DVD from Ricky and Alex. I have plenty to keep me entertained on the plane.

In Paris I will be looking at textiles and filming…. but more of that later.

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