Winding Down.

It’s been a wind down day today.
Having to be structured for such a long period of time…. I find it hard to have a day off…. Sounds rather sad doesn’t it.
However, it’s good to let the mind rest, well I guess the body too.
I have packed my case to travel to France.
I’ve looked at the DK Paris book.
I have sorted all my business stuff to sent to Keith at home.
I’ve had time to go through my study books and notes.
Joan raided the cellar and we found these wonderful classics. The McCalls magazines going back to the 1950’s.
We had to open up the windows, they smell like old books….

I don’t know, maybe we could whip up one of these little numbers



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  1. Now don’t laugh, but I have a collection of those magazines from the 1960’s. Here in Australia they were the first magazines to show us quilting, although most people bought them for the knitting patterns back then. But those quilts got us thinking. Look at us now.

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