A new treasure.

Several years ago I purchased a quilt in an antique store here in Long Prairie.
I estimate that it was made in the early 1930’s. It had never been used and was in pristine condition.
I love that quilt, it’s soft and has a wonderful hand to it and it represents "home and comfort" to me. I use it almost every day when I’m relaxing.
I’m not the only one who uses it. Daughter Rachael often gets to it before I do and when I come in from the studio  she is inevitably snuggled under it watching TV. Grandson Kodi takes command of it too and has used it for years to "snuggle"

Rachael has a new house and I have been on the look out for a "new" vintage quilt for her.
I don’t want her to take mine…. and today I found one.
There were several criteria…. it had to be made of the same quality fabric that mine is.
It had to be unused. It had to have the same batting and amount of quilting so it was soft and pliable….!
Voila,!!!!! I found one today in an antique mall in Alexandria MN.

The quilt is 6 ft X 7 ft. Made mostly from shirt fabrics, some new and some a little worn. constructed as forty two 9" nine patch blocks

The backing is a fine blue cotton. The batting is thin, soft cotton and it is machine pieced and hand quilted.

As you can see, the backing fabric is bought to the front to form the border. it’s a gem.

Unfortunately the maker (as with my quilt) is unknown. If she made it when she was middle age (Say 40) she would have been 119 by now….. I wonder who these wonderful domestic artists were. I think their spirit lives on in their quilts…. yo know you can’t make a quilt in a bad mood…it has to be a pleasure and look at the pleasure it has given us…..!!!!



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