Deep breath.

It’s 4.00 pm in the afternoon.

I am writing this to relax. Deep breath. Deep breath.

I’m going to leave in an hour or so to give a presentation and I need to focus…. others go Ummm in solitude,  – I sit and write.
Well it’s been one of those days.
I completed paperwork all morning. I went to send off my sketches to the fabric company and found I hadn’t finished something…. so I spent an hour or so working on that.

Rush to get it in the post.

My papers for uni hadn’t arrived and so I spent ages on the phone to Nebraska. As I was phoning, the fedex man must have put them on the front step….
Another tick off the list.

I almost caught the laundry on fire by washing a shawl I had worn on the plane coming over…. it is red chenille… bits came off onto my clothes… so I washed it… well it disintegrated in the dryer setting off the bells and whistles.
Now I have red fluffy undies and socks…. I know I like red, but that’s just a bit much.
Well,  Joan decided to keep the bright red fluff to "stuff something…"

Joan forgot her medication and has rushed into town…

I ate a small block of Hershey’s  and drank a died coke – just because I could and "It won’t last 3 weeks till I get home"

Phone calls to the UK have a friend organising tea at the Ritz and now I think I’m organised…. Oh no, I have to make one more phone call….but I can’t find my phone.

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