We lost Joan, but we found her again. (sorry relatives)

We had a busy day.
One of the first things we had to do was to locate the Metro and find out how to buy a ticket for 5 days.
The machine spits a ticket out at you. It was riveting. The ticket is quite decorative it has a gold strip down the middle, I thought it nice that they designed them to match my bling.

They also have interesting posters on the wall in the stations.Dsc00193_3

We walked through the Tulleries with 1000’s of other folks.

Suddenly this lady bent in front of me and said, "oh, look I found this gold ring… is it yours?"
"No" I said as she placed it in my hand…., "well you take it, I don’t wear gold" and off she went. In a few seconds she was back. "I’m poor, can you give me money"
The penny dropped, "Gypsies"
I whipped the ring back into her hand and smiled….. "clever" I said. "Good Trick"

We saw her operating on others, several ladies were conned….


At the end of the Tulleries, as we tucked into our chocolate crepe… another person tried it on me again…. I must look like a sucker. I gave her short shift….Joan said "lets keep the ring and we’ll fix her…" I’m not too fussy about challenging the Gypsies….!!!

But then again I was wearing orange shoes….Dsc00199
everyone is in black, grey and tan… trust me it’s a conspiracy I think.

One train we caught goes incredibly fast…. and it has no driver which is a little off putting. At one stage we looked up to see Joan waving at us through the door as we took off, she didn’t get on the train fast enough. (Actually the French are impolite and push in front of old ladies) So we had to go to the next stop, get off, run up stars and over a bridge, catch the next train back and pick her up…
I had to hold my tongue several times today as young women sat and an Joan and Lori had to stand.

We arrived back at our apartment at around 5.30, composed ourselves and each decided on a different meal for dinner.

I decided to go to the Basiica Sacre Coeur at around 7.45 to film the city as the sun went down. Strangely 1000’s of other had the same idea. But it was wonderful. Many sat with their baguettes, cheese, dips and wine and enjoyed the ambianceDsc00186_2Dsc00196 .

I had my ipod and I sat on the steps that lead to the church and in my own world I listened to Handel’s Messiah  – very Loud-

What an end to the day.

I’ve added a photo of a walking piece of art and my shoes.


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  1. I warned you about those gypsies last time we were there. You must be looking like fresh meat to be targeted. As to the disrespect of the young, just think, if they are disrespect full now, what will the younger generation be like when they are older?

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