Montemartre Fabric district

We began the day in the Textile district, It was a bit of a shock to the system I must say. Fabric of every hue and description punctuated by sales of high fashion.Dsc00214

The clothes were beautifully made, The fabrics stunning and the lace just needed to be touched.Dsc00217

In the middle of the street were gamblers and speculators alike, their wares set atop 2 cardboard boxes. Joan had an altercation with one when she photographed him, he gesticulated wildly and Joan tapped him on the face which made him even madder. I photographed the procedure from another place until he saw me too. I told him I’m free to photographic anything I like, particularly cheats… !!! He mouthed something which I could only guess was crude as he handled his private parts…. I just laughed at him…. Fortunately he had left when we returned down the street.Dsc00223

After our interesting time we entered the fabric shops. Dsc00218
We probably went into 10-15, I really didn’t find much that we could use in quilting. But as a fabricaholic it was a delightful experience.

I’ve taken notes and cards and I’ll compare them to other fabric areas I find.Dsc00247

One of the great things about this trip is that we have taken apartments. So each morning I pop down to the corner for fresh croissants and yogurt.Dsc00242

Today in the marketplace close to our apartment, I sat and listened to wonderful music and just people watched.Dsc00261

The area is rich with fruit and vegetable markets… and the food it to die for.

I had  salt and pepper scallops, terrine of smoked salmon and poached egg, and orange crepes and yogurt for dinner. No fried or junk food in these parts.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Thank you for livng vicariolusly for me. As I sit freezing at my keyboard I can feel the warmth of a European summer. Loved the photo of rows of braid.

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