11.00 PM and darkness has just descended on Paris. It’s been a busy day once again and we only have days left here. I have an appointment to film on the last day so I have to return to the Louvre tomorrow.

Even so we fill the day and rarely get home before 8.00.

It’s a huge advantage having an apartment. I imagine our building is over 100 years old. There are window boxes with red geraniums in profusion.


The entrance door is a huge wooden door with big brass handles. We had to memorize the security code, then once inside the decoratively tiled foyer, you have to remember another code for yet another door.

A narrow wooden spiral staircase leads to our apartment. Fortunately there is an antiquated lift that Joan can use.
We have 3 two rather large bedrooms, a sitting room, a small kitchen, bathroom and a toilet that is minuscule. The blessing is that we can prepare our own food. NO!!!!! no cooking, but just pop to the corner store for bagels and croissants etc.
We are in the Montmartre district.

We have become expert in the ways of the Metro. There is and entire community of people on the move under the streets of Paris. 1000’s going this way and that way. Don’t get in their way or they go straight over you. A young 30’ish man bumped into me on the steps of the Metro this evening, he stared at me as if I was an alien (well I am really)…. I matched his stare "I can better you buddy"… I think he got a bit of a shock. could have been the orange shoes…. they have caused a few cursory glances.

Today we visited the Manufacture Royale des Gobelins.

The Gobelins were a family of dyers, who in the middle of the 15th century established themselves in the Faubourg Saint Marcel, Paris, on the banks of the Bièvre.


Today the buildings remain, huge workrooms with the most mazing windows for light and The ministry of Culture is insuring the art of tapestry is continued. the Tapestries for Versailles were made there.

We took a tour and although we don’t under stand french, the vision of the huge looms that have stood there since the 1600’s was enough for me.Dsc00374

I have lots more to share, but the witching hour has arrived. I’ll tell you about The Quilt Shop we visited this afternoon. Right in the heart of Paris.Dsc00361

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