Paris in Summer

It was warm and Sunny again today.


I love this photo, I think it says it all……

One of the things you need to do when you visit Paris to visit the Mona Lisa. Dsc03574

Poor thing, there she sits behind glass, her face frozen into that irritatingly smug smile. She also hasn’t changed her clothes or hairstyle in over 500 years.

People jostle to see her, elbowing their way into the room. We just ducked under the roped off area… I’m sick of standing in line and being jostled. Last time I got stuck under a mans armpit…. it wasn’t pleasant.

To be honest, I prefer portraits like these below, they hardly have a hint of smile.

When I’m viewing the creation of artists and artisans I just wonder "how did they become so talented"?

There were no books on the subject, I imagine most of the artists were too poor to purchase one anyway.
There was no creative media for inspiration. Just pure creative expression.

What makes one artist more favored /famous than another….?

Musing over, I’m off to Le Rouvray to film and spend time with the owner Diane de OBALDIA
tomorrow we’re going to chat over lunch, I’ll do an interview and film and I believe I’m going to meet the owner of another quilt shop in Paris in the afternoon, so I’m really looking forward to it.




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