Quilting in Paris.

Le Rouvray.

Walk a few 100 feet down the cobblestone rue de la Bûcherie and at the end you come to a charming little interlude of old buildings which now house cafe’s and the Le Rouvray quilt shop.

It’s just a stones throw from Notre Dame Cathedral and  a short walk from the banks of the Seine.

Diane de Obaldia and I sat in a quaint little cafe this afternoon as she told me with great enthusiasm about her early life in Paris. No, I won’t spoil the story but you can read all about it in Quilters Companion and on film on the Quilt Show with Ricky and Alex. trust me it’s worth waiting for.

The shop is just lovely, full of the most interesting fabric. Antique quilts, British and American antique furniture and my heart was taken with the old china and silver teapots.

Well worth a visit.

Diane states,- Our motto is : Even if you don’t speak French, we speak Patchwork fluently!

La boutique Du Patchwork I didn’t get to go to these  shops, but Diane invited owner Christiane to visit and we had a wonderful discussion about the history of quilting in France. Christiane has two shops and says that she has over 6000 bolts of fabric to choose from.

I’m sure I’ll get to visit her one day.
It was a great day. I’ll now write the article and edit the film and you can all share in the interesting stories that I had the privilege of learning today.

It’s our last day in Paris… well, we’re not too sure. Our landlord owes us a considerable deposit and didn’t turn up with the money at 7.00 pm as promised, I rang him at 9.00 "I have a big problem" I will be there at 9.00 in the morning with your cash…..!!!!

I have the task of driving through the Paris traffic tomorrow to go to Bayeux.
My GPS can’t pick up a satellite here because of the height of the buildings… so cross your fingers I find my way out of the maze until the satellite finds me.

12.00 and I’m retiring to bed……to share the enjoyment of a party being held in the next apartment. It might be old, but the walls are thin !!!!

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