French Country Side

Our friend turned up with our deposit early this morning…. so one challenge completed. (wipe the brow)

Next challenge.  – drive the car through Paris.

Fortunately for us Hertz was just one block away, so like a troop of tourists we wound our way down the street towing our cases behind us.
We picked up the car, a sort of little people mover which fitted our cases in quite well and our 3 persons.

Next Challenge, my GPS wasn’t picking up a signal from the satellites because of high the buildings surrounding us. I worked up a google map and marked the route.  I left it on the lap top and I also had it on my ipod for back up…. no stone left unturned.

We took off down the streets we had become familiar with during our 8 days in this suburb, suddenly lights were flashing on the dash and I realized the hand brake was on…. I pulled over, we hunted high and low…. no we couldn’t find a hand brake, we couldn’t read the manual because it is in French…. so I ran back to hertz and like a klutz, I said "we can’t locate the handbrake"…. well they looked at me as if I was silly and a young man walked back to the car  and showed us the hand brake… for pete’s sake, it’s part of the center arm rest…. how could we find that…?

The GPS sprang to life, we followed the dulcet tones of "Gerald" and he guided us through Paris and into the most beautiful countryside until we reached Bayeux some 280 kms later.
I think we went through 50 round-abouts… that meant I had to change gears 50 times !!!!!

But we made it… and I will have beautiful photos to share tomorrow.


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  1. Kate says:

    Hi Pam – we cam home from France not long ago – you bring back memories. When we picked our car up we had to negotiate around the Arc de Triomphe and no GPS – and would you believe no handbrake! Once you hit the accelerator the handbrake automatically came off – all very interesting!! We stayed near Percy which is south west sort of of Bayeax – just lovely!! Wish I was there with you…

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