Poppies, Projects and persistance.


wo days without a blog.

But the mind and body have not been idle. I’ve had some time to study and begin a new article.

First of all, everything is in bloom here and I’m suffering mightily with hay fever.Dsc00512

Time away from my major project is weighing hard on my mind….. it’s possibly because of viewing the Bayeux Tapestry again today.

I’ll feel the same again tomorrow when I see it again.

Just being in this city of Bayeux is a personal pilgrimage, despite sharing it with others at time, it’s still solitary, because I’m the only one who understands my innermost feelings about my project.

"The creative process leads us to discover something fundamental
about ourselves. It often becomes a kind of flow, provoking us to an
effort to redefine ourselves as artists. In some special moments,
in this mindless and almost desperate search for ultimate intensity,
time suddenly becomes meaningless and seems to stand still."

I’ve lived and breathed the Bayeux Tapestry for the past 3 years, it’s become a little more than personal. I guess you would say it’s an obsession on my part.


Changing the subject. I’m here to film the flax, so tomorrow if the light is right I’m off to the country side.

Talking of light, there is still the blue and orange glow of sunset and it’s 11.45.PM.

Well, my friends are asleep and I have my earphones on listening to my music as I pen this blog.

I have a small attic room off the large main one. I have wi fi, a small desk, a ceiling attic window and  enough room for my clothes and I’m happy.

Our first day in Bayeux, Saturday and the market was right out the front of our hotel in the city square.


I walked through the avenue of  topiary trees into the square, the smell of sausage, hot coffee and flowers greeted me in welcome. It was a hive of activity. Cream coated women with straw baskets, sensible shoes and look of determination walked the aisles, occasionally they greeted friends with a cheek to cheek expression of greeting.


There was every imaginable fresh vegetable on display.

Fish, live geese, chickens, rabbits, goats and quail, brown eggs in baskets, thick fresh cream and bread and cheese to salivate over. But that was just the beginning of the day.

Our outing began in drizzle and mist. We drove 35kms along the coast to a town I can’t remember the name of at the moment. We saw that there was to be an artisans  exhibition…. we located the area but the art was missed out of the explanation… I’ve seen patchwork tissue covers and doilies before… XXXXX   

Disappointed but not daunted we explored a little of the town. With he help of the GPS we continued on through small villages. The buildings of grey stone  lapped the edges of the road. Dsc00513
Often there wasn’t even enough room for two cars to pass side by side… so the gear stick got plenty of use.

Every building is decorated with flowers. It simply takes your breathe away.

We were right in the heart of Normandy. The French pay their respects to the soldiers who fought to liberate their country in the 2nd world war. June 1944 is a time of remembrance and D Day is always celebrated with ceremony.

We visited Omaha beach and wound our way along the coast. There were many reminders in the form of statues and icons ensuring that the gift of freedom given to us by those long lost soldiers is never forgotten.

The American cemetery is a place to behold. I stood and rested my arm on the white marble cross of young man from Arkansans. He was barely an adult. Dsc00561

We drove on to a small fishing village just 7 kms from Bayeux…. the air was cool and the sun finally broke through changing the complexion of the scenery completely.

As luck would haver it we came across an antique flea market. Sadly, I wasn’t able to buy any fabric, but I did buy an inkwell from the 1800’sDsc00582


The beach is covered with scallops shells, more than you could ever imagine. They turn and swirl with the tide and form the most wonderful images.Dsc00601

We sat in an outdoor cafe and sampled the local fish, people watched and ate good French food.

We returned home at 9.45 in high sunlight. As we pulled into the hotel, I noticed that there was a large crowd swelling in  the main street ….

"It’s a music festival" said our young host "it’s everywhere" he said gesticulating  widely.

SO  – I just had to go.  It was wonderful. There were families, young, old and the faithful…. all enjoying themselves on a summer evening in Bayeux.

It was rather a late evening.Frenchcountryside_cr_sp_elent_39

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  1. Chris John says:

    If I close my eyes I can see it all in my mind’s eye. What amazing photos and memories you will have to keep with you always.
    Happy travels and best wishes for the next chapter in your journey.

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