Taking photos to create quilts

One of the things we do intuitively when we make quilts is pay attention to detail.
If you are piecing a quilt you know that it’s important to have an accurate 1/4" seam other wise you’re going to end up with a dog of a quilt.

If you come to one of my classes, we alway pay a great deal of attention to a combination of things that create detail.

So if you look at the way I take photos, I pay attention to detail. In this picture for instance, I have captured your interest by blocking out the rest of the background, getting down to the same level as the seagulls and capturing the personalities of these guys.

I love the subtleties of color of the seagull and her babies. The blue grey sky and the color of the railing match perfectly in the picture…

The is one part of the picture that is jarring however… let me correct it….


How about looking at the way the stem holds the flower…Dsc00856

The light on a poppy bud.Dsc00855

Color combinations and shapes.Dsc00838

Veins on leaves.

I can hear you say, " I can’t take photos like that"

Have you tried….? I often have a little sony point and shoot in my bag…

I set it on macro, tuck it under the flower, about 8" away and shoot.Dsc02203_2

It’s digital, you’re not going to make a mistake, if it’s out of focus… take it again.

The picture or the orange flower against the sky was taken just like that. The back of the flower, the light shining through and the quilt.


Dsc00496_3corrected image.

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