seem to get one job completed and then just when I think I have some spare time – another one pops up.!!!!
I finished my assignment and posted it….

It seems there was a problem with my web page.
I have two Apple computers… a lap top that I use on the road and a desk top.
I can work them both in sync….. with the exception of the web page….XXXXXX

So after a few inquiring emails from students….."please. I can’t get into your class page"
I decided to rectify it… so the web page is almost completely new after hours of sitting at the computer.
I still have to add more classes to the class page, but never the less, the hard part is done.

I’ve written very little about England, but that’s because I was a little behind with the French posts.

We’ve been here 5 days. A lot of that time has been work for me. Late nights and early mornings mainly.

Our apartment overlooks the Thames and the Battersea Bridge. The lounge room has a floor to ceiling window and balcony (as does my bedroom) and the antics on the river have entertained us immensely.


There are pleasure craft dodging swans, children learning to sail and getting towed back up the river. Lots of parties on board some craft and working boats….who must get really miffed with the pleasure craft.

We’ve learnt how to navigate the buses and for $26 we have traveled all week.

Being a high tech nerd. I check our bus route on the net, then put it into my notes on the ipod… voila… I have the route and the bus numbers off pat.

We’ve not cooked a thing… but the supermarkets are wonderful. I’ve been able to get the best curries…..

As for work, my assignment this week… Technological influences in Quilting

I’ve decided to do mine on Chintz. What do you think chintz fabric is?

The Victoria and Albert Museum had all the answers……!!!!

Once again it’s the wee hours of the morning…. tomorrow is our last day here and I will write more about our experiences, quilting, non quilting and anything else that happens tomorrow.

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