It’s hard to comprehend

Isn’t it amazing, one day you’re in England, hopping on and off big red buses…
driving through streets of white 5 story Victorian buildings with blue doors, brass letter boxes and embellished with the most mazing color hydrangea’s in pocket size gardens.

We ate English fare and were surrounded by many different accents.

Just 24 hours later, I’ve arrived back in the USA, visited the Mall of America (twice) eaten hamburgers and traveled through green countryside with bungalow houses with gardens and lots of space.

We flew over the North Pole, the clouds parted several times to expose amazing scenery of huge ice flows, frozen vistas and oceans with icebergs.Dsc04030_2

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  1. Di Mill says:

    Nice photos Pammy. Check out my blog – mountain climb photos are up!

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