Fourth of July here in the USA and it was my first day of "stay at home, relax". The body clock hasn’t allowed for time change and I was awake at 3.00 am ready for the day.

I decided to work an my blog banner and I changed it in preview and it won’t go back to the old one!!! the new one isn’t completed… it’s the same as the web page…. so I guess I couldn’t leave it blank so there it, is a bit chunky, until I can work on it.Dsc04037

I attended a parade in the small town of Ward Springs MN. 1000’s of people lined the route. The came with chairs, treats and an expectation of having a good time.

In the evening we attended another 4th July tradition, the night time fireworks display…. once again there were thousands in attendance, the weather was perfect and families gathered to share the official birthday of the United States of America….Dsc04048

In between, I did some shopping, caught up with friends and began preparations for the next week.

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