The Quilt Show.

Last year I was lucky enough to be on Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims  The Quilt Show.

I flew in a day too early somehow… but took the opportunity to spend a day extra there and shoot some film. It was a wonderful experience.

Ricky asked me if I would be their "Roving Reporter", I do get to travel quite a bit while I teach… it is all quilt related and most of my travels end up being inspiration for my quilts.

So nervously I gave it a go…. and it seems as if many of the viewers have enjoyed the short video.
My first one is of Mexico…

But if you go to my web page you will find albums of photos… all taken with the view to putting the images into quilts.

In fact I will travel to Michigan in a few days to lead a bus load of ladies up to Mackinac Island to do just that… photograph images, and with creative license they will put the ideas into quilts.


I’m studying quilting history  at the University of Nebraska… one of my assignments is to do give a media report on a Quilting Genre through history.
On Tuesday I have the opportunity to visit some of the Amish in the area I’m staying.  I will be talking to them about the history of  their quilting lives…

I will also be allowed to take photos of the quilts…..

I’m really excited at the prospect…..and I thank friend Marcie who has set it all up for me…what an opportunity.
I have visited with them over the years… we’ve been invited to their barn raising but being able to learn about quilting is just wonderful…

Go visit the Quilt Show….. subscribe and join in. It’s a wonderful resource for quilters…
I’m in awe of all that Ricky and Alex are able to achieve.

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