I missed it again.

hanks so much for your emails about the Amish experience. You know I intended to write a lot, but then I just felt the  I was invading their privacy.

I came down to MN on the shuttle this morning. Its a 3 hour trip and my traveling companions were 2 Amish families.Amishfather

The youngest child was just 2 years old. You could barely see his face under his big straw hat.
The families were visiting friends in Wisconsin and came to the airport on one shuttle and then another would take them into the next State.

The 2 men in particular were really interested in Australia and we had long discussions about the water crisis, the state of the land and the cost of living.

Once again I missed something interesting… I was totally oblivious to the tornado warning when I was shopping in the Mall of America…

It went as dark as night, security guards scurried from place to place with earnest looks and walky talkies to their mouths. The major stores were closed and I got the feeling that something was up…. yep, I’d just missed 45 minutes of huge hail and high wind storm….


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