I didn’t miss this one.

t was hot today, in the 90’s and there was an impending storm, so I had my dinner early and set up the camera to wait for it. This photo was taken at 8.00 PM when the sun was still high in the sky… as you can see it is lost behind the clouds.

It’s been raging for the past hour and there have been tornadoes set down, but I thought you  might like to see what the build up to a tornado is like.Dsc04095_2

The circles on the map on the TV indicate two set downs.
There were are reports of one and a half inch hail and people are being asked to go to safety.

As you can imagine, the traffic stopped outside and I haven’t heard any planes for several hours now.

All in all, it was quite exciting really…. better than studying….!!!!

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  1. maree watt says:

    What a Beautiful photo Pam, hope you weren’t too worried about the Tornado.
    Keep Safe.

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