Entertainment on the plane

Dsc04100"A" for Attitude.Dsc04101!!!

"B" for Big Block with bandy legs….!!!

This was my entertainment on the plane today but it was a bit difficult when the plane hit an air pocket….!!!

I’ve been inventing this alphabet for a while now.. I have actually made small quilts with the designs too.

OK guys…. the designs are copyright, but if you would like a pattern, contact me…

There is a new video up on the Quiltershow page

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  1. Carol Kuhlman says:

    Greetings Pam — I have been following your alphabet project and have been awaiting a book — will you be publishing one or are you selling the pattern? I took The Rose of Sharon class from you in Eastern Washington – I’m not quite finished with it. I love your website! Carol Kuhlman

  2. lyric Kinard says:

    These are absolutely delightful! I too – look forward to a book of some sort!

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