It’s quite early here in Grayling Michigan.

I woke with a start after a nightmare….it’s still fresh in my mind… I hate that feeling don’t you. It puts a dampener on the day.

I still have difficulty assessing the weather, will it rain? will it be sunny? the temperature in the room is mild, it’s cool in the lobby, the class room is warm and outside …. it could be 80 or 50.
Decisions, decisions.

Hotel breakfasts get a bit boring after a while…. bagels, jelly, fruit that I can’t eat and coffee.. but today the smell of waffles enticed me…

yesterday I had a cold boiled egg… I peeled it, chomped into it and the yolk popped out of the white and rolled under my neighbors feet…. I tried to retrieve it with dignity.

The students are half way through their projects… They are various sizes and taken from the photos they took on Mackinac Island on Sunday.Dsc01126

We looked at subjects, light and how to adjust the camera…. when to flash and when not to flash…..!!!!

Each student is doing something different, however today we look at the the appliqué and quilting….

I have confidence that they all will produce a special project.

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