Vintage Crafts 4

There are many vintage crafts that go hand in hand with quilting. Once you begin to look at the history of quilting….you find other treasures that need to be investigated…

Today I came across a few vintage and antique gems.

The first was a hand crafted rug…
it’s actually a knitted sweater, cut into 1" strips and sewn by hand down the spine onto two layers of black and white ticking.

Further investigation on the web gave me a thrill that I certainly had  an antique rug and they normally fetch rather high prices, from $1000, down to $500.

I have added some pictures of other rugs that I found for sale to the bottom of the blog.



Crochet rug

Wool rug

Cut rag rugs


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  1. helen says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen a rug made like that, pieces cut from hand knitted sweaters sewn to ticking. what a great idea. I wonder how much it unravels.

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