It’s frustrating, I actually did a video and tried to upload it to my web page, but with the new system in apple it’s not assisting me today…

This little guy knew how to keep cool.


It’s been a real busy day. First I went for a walk in the sun, just a little reflecting and preparation for the mind for class.
This afternoon I had to prepare the kits…
You might wonder why I  don’t prepare them prior to coming…. well in essence I do… but 60 kits is too heavy to carry.
60 kits are too expensive to bring from home….
The notes are sent from home… because I like to do them in color.
Then they were sent on to the hotel just prior to my arrival.
I can’t tell you how stressful it is thinking that they may not get here on time…. or that they could be lost. !!!! you can’t send them too soon, or they go missing in the system, you can’t send them too late and you just have to put faith in the system….XXXXXX
When I got here early this morning, I was so pleased to see the box I can tell you.

I buy everything else for the kits from here…. and then I carry that to the venue…..

I cut most of it, but had to cut the rest today….. don’t tell anyone, but I used my cutter on the bathroom cabinet…. well, it’s granite… it was OK, but I’m not too sure that the cutter is…!!!

Kits are ready, presentations for class and clothes…. now I can sleep…!!!!

The hotel overlooks the bay.


The life of  Tutor.


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