It seems ages since I posted…. but to be honest, I’ve been rather busy.

My goodness where do I start.

The first couple of days were rather quiet here. Classes were full however, and then suddenly today it all exploded.
The lines to get in to the show wound their way like snakes down the pavement. It was rather difficult  to purchase food at the venue and many patrons took advantage of the restaurants around the Convention Center. The numbers of attendees have surprised everyone.

The noise was tremendous as it resonated through the building…people excitedly chatting in anticipation of a wonderful experience.

Despite that, I didn’t have the best of starts today….

Last night I realized that I had left my cell phone on the charger in my class room. Confident that it would still be there I accessed the room and to my horror the phone was gone.

I reported it and then spent a difficult morning trying not to think of the loss….

In the mean time, I polished off the rest of my ribs left over from dinner accompanied by a hotel coffee for breakfast, XXXXXXX I reviewed my class and went over the presentation and then it was into class. No time to think of cell phones.

At lunch time, I contacted security, it took 20 minutes for the supervisor to come and visit me… so I filmed a little while I was waiting.
After questioning me, she said…. "We have your phone"… oh, the relief.  We got on a little golf card and took off into the Long beach traffic…. I felt like the queen being escorted by security… it was all I could do to stop myself from doing the princess wave.

An hour later I had my phone… I had to wait for the supervisor who was held up at the Latter Day Saints conference for Spanish speakers….. there were 1000’s of people there and every male had a suit on and beautifully groomed hair… the women and girls were wearing their best dresses, or "frocks" as we call them in Australia…

I ventured into their conference and I just couldn’t believe how many people were there…

Back on the golf cart with yet another security guard in full uniform with shiny buttons and badge, and another ride in the traffic and right up to the front door of the Convention Centre….

I rushed into the staff room, grabbed a coffee and two chocolates and that was lunch.

An interesting experience never the less.

I’ve met students who have been in previous classes from all over the USA.
I’ve hugged so many people today including all my students that I am almost hugged out. But It’s a nice tradition.

I filmed a lot when I had the opportunity… but I’m using a little flip camera, it’s the size of a cell phone…. so I only added a little film today… tomorrow after my presentation I will have time to do a formal video. If you have any requests, let me know…..!!!

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  1. cathy says:

    I heard you speak at saturday’s luncheon. Enjoyed it immensely!
    Your quilts were wonderful! (I will go to your website to seek out one of the patterns.) Wow! American Gothic — It took my breath away it was so FABULOUS!
    BTW…I hope you were able to enjoy the thai chicken salad at lunch, and didn’t just settle for coffee and a couple chocolates!
    Then I was pleased to sit in on your workshop Saturday evening… and thoroughly enjoyed the talk about the funny little block, which I’m eager to try.
    Next convention I will try to get in one of your classes.
    Thank you for a lovely experience! 🙂

  2. Mar says:

    I love reading of your experiences, never a dull moment and even if it is. Wish I could get your littel videos to work, I didn’t down state to the show.

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