The past few days

My last day here in the USA for this visit.

A friend commented that they were worried because I’d missed a couple of blog postings….

To be honest, after I had finished work preparations I was just plain exhausted.
Last night I at 8.30 I thought I’d just lay the head down…… I slept until 6 this morning…..!!!!! I don’t think I moved an inch.

The Convention has been a huge success, exceeding all expectations…. well maybe the expectations were there and they were met and then some.

Saturday, I gave the lunchtime presentation, then a presentation on the floor in the afternoon, the sampler from 6.30 to 8.30… I was mentally and physically exhausted…

The quilt above was in the show…. I am sorry I didn’t get the name of the maker, but it was one of my favorites, it also represents the statement below.

I am not very interested in extraordinary angles. They can be
effective on certain occasions, but I do not feel the necessity for
them in my own work. Indeed, I feel the simplest approach can often be
most effective. A subject placed squarely in the center of the frame,
if attention is not distracted from it by fussy surroundings, has a
simple dignity which makes it all the more impressive."


Yesterday was filming with  Bonnie McCaffery   we had a lot of fun filming with two cameras and entertaining the residents of the Hyatt as they sunbaked around the pool.

In the afternoon I finally managed to get down to the booths and chat with friends… Dsc01321
AND I purchased some super new items…. this one is a state of the arts thread stand.


I’m yet to use it, but the base is supported by ball bearings and if you have been to one of my classes you understand just how fussy I am about my threads and the way they come off the reel…in reality, the thread should come off the reel and relax with this stand… you can also use it for any size thread cone.

I’ll let you know my thoughts after I get back to quilting….

OOh, I can hardly wait, 10 weeks away from the sewing machine, I need to get back to my studios.

Bonnie and I were privy to an interesting wedding yesterday.

It was a Hindu/ American service.

Held in the gardens of the Hyatt with the encircling lake as a background, Bonnie and I played  papparazi on the balcony as we watched the entire process… Now we did think we could hire a paddle boat and paddle up to the  ceremony, but that
may have been a little too obvious.

There was also the chance that the groom could have fallen off his horse into the pond, he was rather close to the edges as were his dancing relatives…

I personally would like to have sampled some of the wonderful food, the smell was enticing considering I had missed lunch.


I had an early dinner and visited the local ribs restaurant…. I love it……I wish we had restaurants like this at home… ribs, corn, cornbread and good strong coffee,  served with friendliness and an adjective of good ol’ country music.

I’m packed and ready to go, so now I can walk in the sun, relax before the long flight home.

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  1. Robbie Payne says:

    The quilt you showed but didn’t know the artist is by Judy Coates Perez called Agave (2006). Judy does great work ( Enjoy your blog and inspiration!

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