52817 kms

Dsc04193I arrived home around mid day today….this is the view as I flew along the coast of the Coorong. Not too bad for a mid winters day.

A guy on the plane estimated he had traveled 30,000 kms… so I decided to calculate the distance I have traveled as the crow flies….
52817 kms and that doesn’t include leisure driving….!!!

So it’s interesting when you travel, you meet all sorts of people. There was a lady in line in front of me in Melbourne who complained bitterly about the 5 minute delay in getting her luggage checked. I felt like saying honey, "you have no idea."

Mis Tilly was bursting with excitement at my arrival home and was ready to go to the airport first thing this morning….she was most anxious for my arrival.


It was such a lovely welcome…and we’ve been together all day.

My precious books and quilts arrived safely before me and I’m back home in the ‘shed’ where I’m feeling  the cold despite the heaters pumping.

I missed the earthquake by just a few hours…for that I’m thankful, but then again, it does make for a good story in my lectures…!!!

Back to work with a smile tomorrow. 

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  1. kathie says:

    She is adorable, what a great picture.
    You must be happy to be back in your shed! good to be home I bet.
    looking forward to more pictures and stories about your traveling adventures.

  2. maree watt says:

    Glad you arrived home Safe & Sound Pam…your Grandaughter is just Gorgeous…Iam guessing mis Tilly is your Grandaughter…..I enjoyed reading your travels thanks for sharing.

  3. Kathy Wahl says:

    I’m glad you had such a successful trip here in the U.S.A. again and made it home safely along with your quilts. I enjoyed your class at the Ice House with the trip to Mackinac Island. It was a great experience and lots of fun!
    Mis Tilly is beautiful…what a wonderful smile!
    Hope to see you again next year in Michigan.
    Kathy Wahl

  4. Mar says:

    Ms. Tilly is so precious! It’s so good to hear that you had a good trip here, and good to hear that you got home safe and happy!

  5. onlinelesley says:

    Hi Pam, I have been reading your blog for some time now in complete fascination. But I dont think I understand your life! So, essentially, your home is in Adelaide but you spend a large portion of the year travelling overseas and teaching? You have a second home in the US? How on earth do you co-ordinate it all? Do you have an assistant travelling with you? It just all seems so mind boggling! How you can we find out when you are teaching in Australia? Any classes lined up in Adelaide? So many questions!! Thanks for your blog, feel inspired and well travelled!

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