I guess it is a little confusing.

Sp_cr_frenchcountryside_stitchedalpack home and I’m catching up on work….

I’ve had so many emails so I thought I might address some of them on line.

Online Lesley…. asks.

Hi Pam, I have been reading your blog for some time now in complete fascination. But I don’t think I understand your life! So, essentially, your home is in Adelaide but you spend a large portion of the year traveling overseas and teaching? You have a second home in the US? How on earth do you co-ordinate it all? Do you have an assistant traveling with you? It just all seems so mind boggling! How you can we find out when you are teaching in Australia? Any classes lined up in Adelaide? So many questions!! Thanks for your blog, feel inspired and well travelled!

I guess it all does sound a little confusing…

Yes, I live in Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills….My Husband and family are all home. Keith traveled with me for 6 weeks earlier this year, but he’s in private practice so it’s a bit difficult more than once a year.
We have a large family and they all live close to our house which is just lovely for us.

Yes, I travel a lot, I’ve never worked out the travel miles per year, but around 120 flights…
I get to meet the most fascinating people.

My home base in the USA is in a small town in Minnesota… I just love it. I’ve been back and forth for the pat 12 years so I feel part of the community now.

Co-ordination has to run like clockwork… timing, air travel, contracts, supplies and study… it sort of comes as a package.

I’m not teaching in Australia until the end of 2010  my time home now it  family and work… I just can’t fit in any more until after that….

I gave a lunch time lecture to 100’s of enthusiastic quilters and their friends in Long Beach just  a few days ago….. I meant to end the lecture with this thought…

Many people ask me "How and Why do you do the things you do "   

Three of our children have passed away  —– I was changed forever.
I live every moment through their eyes,
They were so full of promise and life. I believe they gave me the gift of thinking simply and
enjoying every moment.Sp_details_flowers_berry


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  1. onlinelesley says:

    Thanks Pam. I am sorry we have to wait that long for you to teach in Aus. but it will be worth the wait! Might have to head to the US to take a class!

  2. Susan says:

    My best friend was right up front at your Long Beach lecture and she is still raving about it. She said you like to do doors. Have you visited Charleston, South Carolina? They have the best doors and wrought iron gates anywhere!

  3. pam says:

    I love doors, Mexico, France, Britain and just about anywhere really….
    I’m so pleased you friend enjoyed the presentation.

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