The video was too long….

I spent ages making a drapplique video today and I wasn’t real happy with it, so it will have to wait till I get back to the studio in a few days…Frenchcountryside_cr_sp_elements2_4

For the next 3 days I will be joining my brother and sisters in sorting through the past…
We have to prepare our family home for sale…
Those things that we held dear for such a long time have faded into insignificance… and just special things will be saved….

But there by the Grace of God go I……and all of us really.

My Mothers studio had been her sanctuary, her life, her creative space… and now her children are dismantling it…

No Mum hasn’t passed away, just moved on and she has taken a lot of things with her, and given some to special friends in the local craft group….

She’s still creating and sharing her talents, but in a different way…..

We all have a wonderful legacy of her art, as will my children and nieces and nephews…
When I look at my two studios… packed with the most precious of things…. I wonder how I managed to gather so much "stuff"


Also, Son Jamie is off to the Olympics tomorrow. He will be joining the channel 7 team and working the 2 pm to midnight shift….

Daughter Rachael asked him to take a soft toy with him and to photograph it with celebrities.. I don’t think he will do it somehow…..


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  1. Susan says:

    Oh, I hope he does! We used to do that all the time when I was teaching. Flat Stanleys or traveling buddies or whatever. It’s amazing how many people will happily stand to be photographed with something for a child or a classroom. =)
    I’ll look forward to the video when it works out.
    I’m glad your mom has moved on to something else, and you’re dismantling things for that reason instead of having her gone completely.
    We do manage to gather a lot of stuff, but it’s so hard to get rid of any of it, because the minute we do . . . we need it!

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