Mamma Mia

Dsc00533_203914I’ve been going through my photos of the latest travels…. this is one of my favorites….
Taken in France on the Normandy coast…

I love the colors, spontaneity, and all that it means….


I7.16 am and I’m listening to Mamma Mia after going to the movie with daughter Rachael yesterday… we roared with laughter…

It’s one of those movies you need to see over and over again….

It’s visually spectacular, beautiful fabric and amazing colors…and just pure delight.

I was a little nervous when 17 year old grand daughter and daughter…..said

"Mum/Grandma… it reminds us so much of you"

Now I know why.!!!!! I think it’s the red glasses..!!!!

Love it , Love it. Love it…

What a way to start a dreary wet Monday.

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  1. I liked knowing all the words to the songs in the movie. There were some songs where the lyrics just jumped out at you, like they never did back in the 70’s. Like ‘Does your Mother know? and ‘Thank you for the music’. It was all such good fun. You walked out feeling so happy.

  2. Chris says:

    Pam, I can just picture you singing up a storm on a small isle in Greece. Except you would also have a camera in your hand and would be catching those spectacular colours, thinking of another project.
    I’m sure you would also find a way to have an amazing adventure worth writing about somewhere along the way.
    Then there would be something very special for Grandma to share with Tilly!

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