Portrait No 19

I injured my finger yesterday assembling some bright red filing cabinets… so I’m a little restricted in what I can do today. I’ve been illustrating today and I worked for several hours on Frida…

As you can see, there is just one piece of fabric for her sleeve and the body of her dress. Now I’m going to define the shading on the sleeve and create a sleeve with just a little shading of fabric.

The color is just a little darker than the background.

I’ve been working on the other side of her dress which is shaded a little darker….I’m not real happy with it… but I have to think forward and imagine it with the stitching which will illustrate the quilt as well as appliqué and quilt it….!!

You can see that I’m working on each piece separately. The shawl is just pinned on and she’s even lost her head.

I’ve given careful consideration to her beads… I think I will illustrate them. That means I will have a light piece of fabric and actually draw the beads on with pigment ink.